White Room

Meet the Designer

Sepideh Meshkin (Sepi)
Interior Designer and Artist

Graduated from BCIT department of design and management,

Sepi started her career as an interior designer in 2013.

She worked in textile, fabric and tile industry as an interior designer and showroom manager while expanding her knowledge of different materials, design styles and fundamentals of interior design.  

Sepi, founded Mesh Design in 2015 and started collaborating with other designers and architects in residential interior design sector and quickly became successful in this field. She has won interior design awards for her excellent design skills, including Kitchen

and Bathroom designs.


What makes Sepi a successful designer is her ability to listen to her clients and give their dreams the realistic shape. Her unique eye for color and pattern combined with her leadership and management skills helped her to establish a positive work relationship with her piers and builders. 


Sepi is also a part time artist and has a deep appreciation

for beauty and harmony. A balance of mindfulness and beauty which she practices in her daily life. The balance which she brings to each project by enhancing her clients lifestyle and environment. 

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