Cosmic Butterfly

Cosmic Butterfly 

She is the writer, the change, she is the mother. 

She, who tells us stories, who teaches us and lead us in this path. 

The Shadow

I woke up one night, and there she was standing, Glorious, majestic. I think she chose me for a reason. I will never forget about her.

The Shadow

No. 11

He shows up out of nowhere like magic. Sometimes he wants to play. Sometimes he wants to teach me something. 

It is a strange situation. Every time he is around, I study him with all the details and try to memorize them. He is a beautiful creature. Seems like he can't let it go. Just as much as I can't make my mind about everything. 

The Door

Once you surrender,

the doors will open. 

The door.JPG
The Enchantress

The Enchantress

She is raw and sensual. 

grounded in passion, she has no shame. 

She doesn't fit into others narrow  frame. She burns like a flame, and will burn you if you get in her way. 

Charismatic and colorful, she has a lust for life.


If only he could use his gift of intelligence in a better way.

My love... release the unfortunate. Abandon deceit! 

Mr. Banker

Mr. Banker

The world is built by men, for men. I am merely an entertainer, juggling money for the pleasure of Mr. Banker. 

He owns everything I have. I work hard on my skills. My juggling skills. And he, kindly, lends me a coin. 

Gotta love Mr. Banker. I owe him everything I have. and he won't let me go, as long as I am alive. 



I have strong roots. They move with me wherever I go.

I am from the kingdom of fire, protected by the flame, everywhere I go.  

God of Time

Last night I had a debate with the god of time.

I asked many questions. All left unanswered. 

Trying to predict, control and bend time, in the end I lost and was left hopeless. 

God of Time.JPG


The butterfly man whispered in my ears: Let me release you from your past.

He did not last very long. The flame caught us both.

But he did his best to send the message through. 


Pearls are tears of joy shed by Aphrodite.

Aphrodisia 1.jpg

Aphrodisia I

Aphrodisia 2

Aphrodisia II 

Aphrodisia 3.jpg

Aphrodisia III

Cause and Effect.jpg

Cause & Effect

I didn't become what you wanted. It was the miracle in the middle of cause and effect that rescued me.



Lovers don't finally meet somewhere. They are in each other all the time. 

Lovers only meet when they learn to close their eyes and listen to their hearts. 

The Universe

I saw you feeding me. I saw you feeding everyone. Even us children born from blackholes, we all had golden roots and golden crowns. Reaching for the skies to find you, not knowing that "This" is all there is. 

The Hummingbird

The Hummingbird

I asked if I'm allowed to cross. They opened the doors without talking. On the other side I saw friends. All of us following the bird with our hearts open. Protecting the flame

At the spinning table

At the spinning table

At the spinning table, right when you think you are getting all the answers and winning the game, they will tell you:
I don't have the answer! But I can offer you a ball!
My hands are empty! I never said that I have what you need!
Should we try again? Let's give it a spin and see if you win next time!
So the game continues

Hieros Gamos

His eyes were shining in excitement. Full moon was reflecting in his eyes and the shadow of the mystic woman sitting on top of him.

On a warm night by the ocean is where the sacred marriage, Hieros Gamos happened. 

Hieros Gamos
La Fiesta

La Fiesta

"First enticed me to take the cup,
When I got drunk, told me to stop.
My eyes watery, my heart on fire,
I became dust and your wind picked me up." Hafiz



I was afraid to outshine you. 

The Collection of Lovers

The collection of lovers is no longer fulfilling. 

Lovers Collection
Guardian of the night

Guardian of the Night

"Empty and dark shall I raise my lantern, and the guardian of the night shall fill it with oil and he shall light it too" Kahlil Gibran 



Take your limerence and run. Researchers say it lasts between 18 months to three years. I just pray for you dear lover.  



Caution! If you don't listen to the voices, they will just get louder.

There has been incidents when they slap you as well if you ignore them.

Practice listening.

Listen carefully and patiently.

Unhatched Potential

Unhatched Potential

Millions of children around the world, have been forced to leave their homes. Many of them live in poverty and in refugee camps. Some luckier ones are in foster homes. There are couples who desperately want to have children and can't. On the other hand there are strict rules for adoption that don't allow many people to adopt children and provide care for them.
In some countries abortion is illegal. Some not. Some are fighting over legalizing abortion. In some countries you just don't talk about it. Depending where you are it can be looked at differently.
Let's put this chaos in perspective. Where are we in this picture with our morals and justifications? 

Gods Game

Game of Gods

All I wanted was to be a human. But the gods kept taking me away.




He lost an arm and a heart in the battle of love. He was young yet he gained the wisdom of all ages and learned the mysteries of the stars.

He became the lighthouse for the lost souls. Allowing light to enter through his wounds, he finds and guides the unfortunate who are left alone. 

If you cross paths with him, send him my message. Tell him there is one soul who awaits his return.   



I woke up in the middle of the night and saw the Firebird flying around my castle. Before I can move, it dived down from the dark starry sky, and stole a golden apple from my tree. 

In all glory, it sat down and started smelling the golden apple.

I was only mesmerized by such a terrifying beauty, unable to move.

I wonder what to do with such a thief.