Artist and Interior Designer 

I always loved drawing!

People who know me from school, remember that I always drew sketches in my books and my classmates books at their request. At home, the calendar or phone books were all filled with my sketches. Any blank piece of paper I could find I would use it to draw something!

I grew up in Tehran/Iran. My major in high school was math and physics. Then I studied French literature in university. So, I never pursued a career in arts until I moved to Vancouver and decided to study Interior Design. After graduating, I started working in the interior design field and worked with many people from different background and culture. This helped me to expand my knowledge of people, structure, building and discipline. 

In fall 2018, after major life changes, I found music and art as an escape from stress and a way to express myself. I found colors to be healing and I wanted them to be as vibrant as possible. I spent many nights in meditation and found that my subconscious is the best source for inspiration. In less than 5 months, I was selected to participate in RAW Artists group exhibition and from there, my artist career took off fast. I met more artists and had more and more exhibitions.

I am a self-taught artist, and a synesthete artist. When I listen to music, I see colors and scenes that I recreate in my paintings. Music is the first step for me to create anything new. When I am not doing art, I enjoy dancing, reading books and learning about psychology and symbolism.

Sepideh Meshkin Art

"She is no doubt the most talented and inspirational artist of our decade. Her work deserves to be known in major galleries. Her feelings, her process, what she intends is deep, personal, joyful and without cynism or hyperbole"

Darlene Mercer

"Her paintings have supernatural messages for me. They are very meaningful, energetic and warm. I can stare at them for hours and fly far away."


Art and Interior Design by Sepi / Mesh Design

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