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Favorite Colors of 2022

What is happening in the world of color for 2022?

To tell you the truth, there is a new wave and demand for warm colors when it comes to interior design. After years of using grey on grey, everyone can agree that we need to bring some color into our space and we are finally ready for this transition. Most European suppliers and decision makers in the fashion and design industry are now embracing warm earthy tones and we cannot deny the fact that these forgotten colors actually look very good when used properly.

The question I often get asked by my clients is: Is grey done?

My answer is: No!

Grey is still very present. After all it is a very nice neutral tone that can be easily combined with any color. Grey is a timeless, conservative, sophisticated and calming and that is why it will be around forever despite the presentation of the new colors. I see it is simply transitioning to taupe, warm tint, and lighter/brighter tones as opposed to cold blue grey. When it comes to colors and trend, I don’t suggest limiting the choice to only one neutral shade in the space. Creative designers know that every color can be used properly and still look stunning. They are not afraid to add an accent color and be bold. Considering all the above, there are some colors that are going to be more present this year and will be around for a while. In this blog, we are going to focus on those for now:

#1. Beige/Nude

Beige is the background color of many rooms. This neutral hue is inviting, sensual, warm and friendly. Although beige was used for many years and might be considered old looking, the tone of beige that is becoming popular is not the yellow/ecru beige that we all knew. Instead, think about pink and taupe undertones.

#2. Brown

Color of earth, stability, and simplicity, this color speaks to us about a safe, joyous, and rooted life so why not bring it to our home and office? Next to beige and all the other warm colors, brown is making a come back to interior design. Don’t be surprised to see marble and porcelain with brown and gold veining becoming more popular this year. Brown/Taupe cabinetry next to “Breccia Capraia” or “Calacatta Viola” marble from the hearts of Italy, can look luxurious and unique if you keep an open mind.

#3. Burnt orange - Terracotta

One of my personal favorites, Orange, is present more than ever. But as we know, in a more desaturated earthy way. Terracotta color/burnt orange is the closest description to the kind of hue that we will be seeing in the interior design world. This tone brings us the sense of adventure, happiness, enthusiasm and abundance and is a great color to incorporate in a room where you need dynamic and active feeling.

#4. Dusty Pink, Orange Pink

Pink has been popular for a few years now and will be around for longer. Dusty rose, desaturated and orange undertone pink is my description of this sexy shade. It will be a great combination next to the beige and nude tones. We often associate pink with the color of love, passion, tenderness, and kindness but it also creates excitement and hope if used in larger proportions. On the opposite hand, dusty pink next to bone, beige and white can create a very calm, soothing combination and excellent choice for a bedroom design. So choose your pink wisely!

#5. Veridian Green and Mint Green

From the family of the green color, Veridian green specifically will be present. Being close to teal color, which has been a very successful in interior design, this color is now continuing the path. In a room where you want to create mood and harmony at the same time, Veridian green will be a great addition to walls or floors.

Another present color from the green family is “Mint”. As this color is highly present in nature, it promotes the feelings of freshness, balance, emotional healing and well being. Mint is an easy color to use next to grey and beige. That empty wall next to the grey furniture that you don’t know how to accent, mint color is the answer. It can quietly and gently add a focal point to any room without being too bold.

#6. Golden Yellow

Yellow is a bold color. It is the most visible color to the human eye therefore it must be used wisely when it comes to interior design. However, it has a great cheerful, uplifting, and optimistic color and it would be unfortunate to not utilize at least a minimal amount of it in a room. Golden yellow or Mustard yellow are the right shade to be used next to the color chart that is mentioned in this article. I highly suggest consulting with a designer for combining bold colors together.

#7. Navy Blue/Ash blue:

Navy blue is again present and will be with us this year and probably forever. Simply because of its vast possibilities in interior design. From a blue fireplace wall to blue cabinets, bathroom tiles, anything you can imagine in navy blue, is going to be popular.

Hand in hand together, next blue color family will be the Ash Blue. If you need a safe, conservative blue color to go with your grey interiors, use the wisdom of the Ash Blue color. It is the best addition to a neutral room and adds more depth, calmness, and peace.

In the end, there are many colors in the color wheel that can be combined together and look great. As long as you know the color theory and follow the simple rules, you can create a stunning interior space that will match your personal style and preferences. This list is created to help you find your way, choose a color that speaks to you, and from there, the canvas is yours and you can be creative in any way your heart desires.


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