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Interior Design and 2023 Colors Trend

Are you excited to know what 2023 colors are going to look like for interior design?

Sherwin Williams Colormix Forecast 2023, has offered us a variety of beautiful colors to work with in the year ahead, from which I have selected my favorites: Biome and Nexus palettes.

For more information about Sherwin Williams Colormix, follow the (Link).

Our inspiration has always been from nature and the world that surrounds us. The colors that we bring to our homes are going to bring us closer to our planet and the ecosystem. They will add more depth and meaning to our living spaces and remind us to accept our connectedness to the nature, the earth and the source of our existence.

#1 Likeable Sand

As the name suggests, this is a very pleasant color! Soft, luxurious and elegant. Mix this color with gold finish accents décor pieces, lighting fixtures and add more richness to your space. "Likeable Sand" is a conservative and conventional choice yet very dependable and easy to work with.

Design Tip: Using the monochromatic neutrals together make the room look bigger while adding more class and a sense of exclusivity. Combined with beige and cream tones, you can enhance the serene and high-class feeling of this color even more.

#2 Reddened Earth

Warm, sensual and yet grounded, this color can be used as an accent tone in any space that needs more liveliness without being too loud. Both silver and gold finishes mix very well with this color so you have more choices when it comes to choosing your lighting, plumbing fixtures and accessories.

#3 Lei Flower

This is a very joyful color that reminds us of summertime and fruity cocktails. This color is best used in smaller portion if you don’t want it to overpower everything else in the room. Combined with neutral colors such as gray, beige and taupe, "Lei Flower" will have the chance to be the center of the stage and make any space more fun and playful. A unique color for cabinetry, "Lei Flower" can be the winning color for those who are looking to make a statement in their kitchen design.

Design Tip: This is a great color for modern, small apartment size kitchens. Specially if you are trying to rent or Airbnb your place, use fun colors which will attract the eyes more. People love to experience living in a colorful space.

#4 Emerging Taupe

Taupe is a never ending love story. It is a color that can never go out of style and can be used in many different applications. From the paint on your wall, to furniture, upholstery and décor pieces. Emerging Taupe, is just the right shade and the right intensity. For some traditional homes, you can successfully incorporate this color to upgrade the look of the space without having to change the entire room and the furniture.

#5 Kestrel White

This color is the winner of warm white shades. When working with other warm colors, "Kestrel White" is your best friend for bringing harmony with the rest of the palette.

Design Tip: If you don't want the space to look too yellow or outdated, it is best to keep all the white color in your home the same shade. Never use two different whites together as one might look old and not clean. Kestrel White must be celebrated by itself and you will see how this color will make your home cozy and more welcoming.

#6: Chatura Gray

Gray is always one of our most used and loved color and we are not going to say goodbye to it. Instead we are now witnessing a re-arrival of warm gray tones in our color palette. "Chatura Gray" brings balance and stability to our world. Although it is considered a more conservative color, on the positive side if you are looking for a safe and timeless upgrade in your home, this color will be the best choice and will not disappoint you over time.

#7 Urban Bronze

A stunning dark and warm color, is the "Urban Bronze". This color will create cozy yet luxurious interior spaces with a sense of superiority. Allow this color to play its role in the background of every other element in a room and enhance every other color. This is a great combination with wood tones, walnut, oak and natural wood look as well as bronze finishes. Use gold finish lighting fixtures and accessories to enhance the richness of its look even more.

#8 Homburg Gray

A very profound and conservative gray color that is made for that modern bourgeois living room. However if you pay attention, you will see this color a lot in nature. With a touch of green undertone, Hamburg Gray brings a more earthy and lush feeling into a space.

Design Tip: I don't recommend using dark gray tones inside the rooms that are facing north. These colors look best in south facing rooms where you get more natural light and can see their unique impact in your room. If you paint a wall in this color, make sure your floors are selected at a lighter shade so this color can show it's magic.

#9 Shiitake

This mushroomy color is going to be the winner of all the neutral tones in the year 2023. It can make your space look calm, harmonious and Zen. "Shiitake" is a very easy color to work with and win the hearts of everyone in your family. A perfect color for those who are in love with tone on tone interior design or choice of clothing. For busy families this color is a great choice because it will hide spots while making the room look bright and peaceful.

#10 Silvermist

With a hint of blue-green and gray tone, Silvermist is perfect for adding a touch of color to your design. This color has been re-introduced in different shades in the past and is coming back again. Bathrooms and spas can be designed with this color to look more serene and fresh.

#11 Rookwood Medium Brown

A historic color, a great medium brown that is going to make its way into our hearts soon is the "Rockwood Brown". The color of the earth, the soil and the lands that we walk on, reminds us of resilience and security. Our living spaces can feel more grounded and stablished when we use brown shades. "Rockwood Brown" is a wonderful color for accent walls and adds more depth to any art piece that you hang above it.

#12 White Raisin

Yellow tones add more spice to any room. This color has been used for centuries and in ancient times by many different civilizations. It is time to reconnect with the cheerful influence of this color and bring it into our homes again. When used properly, any space can transform into a unique and exciting experience with this color. "White Raisin" will enhance your mood, it will add to your productivity and make you feel more positive in your day to day life.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the upcoming color trends in the year ahead.

Let us know which color is your favorite and how you would use it to upgrade your living style.


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